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Tantric Temple Night: Playing With Polarity

Fri 29th November @ 6:00 pm - Sat 30th November @ 12:00 am


Welcome to the Tantric Temple of pleasure and polarity…

This is a guided tantra workshop and erotic play party. It’s a spiritual, sexy, safe space for exploration and connection.

At this temple we will be working with the masculine and feminine energies. Polarity is a key concept within tantra and this workshop will be an opportunity to experience and embody this principle. And, like magnets, attraction and energetic current is heightened with polarity.

We will be cultivating our inner shakti or shiva essence with honouring and celebration rituals.

We will be connecting the tribes of sisterhood and brotherhood and coming together in energetic oneness.

It will be a beautiful ceremonial celebration of who we truly are, held in a field of love at a stunning venue.


The event is application only:

1. Complete the short application form:


2. If you are accepted we’ll notify you, then you can buy a ticket.



This event brings consciousness to sexuality. It is a sacred space with divine intention. It is a way to deepen your spiritual evolution, through your most powerful source – your sexuality.

While the evening is sex positive, it is at its heart, a celebration of sovereign sexual empowerment and thus we have no expectations and or requirements of you.

It is a space to be expressed and celebrated in your authentic yes, however that looks from one moment to the next! And a place to really embody and honour your no.

It is an opportunity to feel your divinity to the core and connect with others from this space.



Doors Open at 6.00 PM
Opening Ceremony at 6:30 PM
Tantric Ritual Workshop: 7:00 PM
Play Party Opens: 8:30 PM
Temple ends: 12 PM



There will be divine ritual practice at the beginning in the workshop element of the evening. There will be honouring of the feminine/masculine divine within and opportunity for connection and energy play. Later the temple space will open for your free flow sensual/sexual exploration.

There is an emphasis on slowing down, taking our time and observing how we feel in each experience. We are not in a race to go anywhere.

Your wellbeing and safety are of upmost importance.

All levels of play from to cuddling, massaging and sensual touch; to full sexual experiences will be welcomed…including no interaction.

Your conscious presence is participation. You don’t have to “do” anything. This is a space where you may practice communication, connection and play at your own pace.

This event will be more or less gender balanced and open to people of all sexual orientations.



Boundaries and consent are fully explained and agreed upon, we create a safe space of non-judgement and non-expectation.

The temple space can often bring up fears and projections, and it is a beautiful space to explore both!

If you feel nervous or unsure, come! A temple experience is a beautiful gift to give yourself and there is no obligation to interact or share touch at all. You could sit alone fully clothed all evening if you want to!



For fun, beauty and playfulness, feel free to costume yourself with clothes, body decoration, underwear etc. This is a safe place to experiment with any styles and ideas. Please note – no shoes to be worn inside the temple.

Think: Carnival, Kink, Exotic, Tribal, Sarongs, Sexy Costumes, Lingerie etc…

Dare to be sexy, dare to be simple. Your soul vibe is more important than the piece of cloth, yet it can add something to the God or Goddess that you are, and to express different sides!

The Temple Space is strictly a Drug and Alcohol Free zone.

There is space to change and keep your belongings.

Come! Play, learn, adore, be adored and have an opportunity to connect with others in deep, sensual, fun, & honoring ways.



Can I stay over?
Unfortunately no accommodation is available.

How many people will be there?
We have capacity for 50 people and there will be a roughly even gender ratio.

Is there parking?
Yes street parking.

What should I bring?
Your outfit for the evening, a water bottle, and an open mind.

Is there food & drink at the venue?
Tea, coffee and juice will be available. Please eat before you come. You can bring your own snacks if you wish.

Can I get changed there?
Yes, there is a cloak room to keep belongings and changing area.

Can I drink alcohol?
No, this is a strictly alcohol and drug free event, you will be refused entry if you are intoxicated or high.

How do I get a ticket and how much is it?
You need to complete the application and if successful we will send you a confirmation email.

Where is it?

The location is near Queens Road Peckham – full address released on purchase of ticket.

What’s the refund policy?
Refunds are available up to 7 days in advance. Strictly no refunds after this and tickets are not transferable.



Vikki Oriah is a sensuous, embodied, passionate practitioner of the sacred temple arts. She has been on a journey that took her from self hatred and body shame to radical sovereignty of her own erotic nature and unconditional self love.

She is a tantric practitioner and temple priestess – having studied in the jungles of Koh Phangan and ashrams of India. She is a Women’s Tantra Facilitator, Tantric Breathing Instructor and Belly2Belly facilitator in-training. Awakening people to their erotic innocence and orgasmic aliveness.

After 3 years in Asia studying sacred sexuality with many teachers and modalities, she’s back in the UK to spread the wisdom of living embodiment and tantric alchemy.


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