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Summer Solstice Movement Medicine Cacao Ceremony

Sat 22nd June @ 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm


A warm invitation to join us in ceremony near the time of the the longest day and the shortest night – the Summer Solstice. 

In ceremony we are invited to connect to a much greater force. We bring our intentions, ask questions and listen deeply to what arrises from the intelligence of the moving body. We gather resources and inspiration and dancing to become conscious of what we are unconscious of. The ceremony becomes an embodied and creative prayer as we dance for ourselves, each other and the wellbeing of all – deepening our relationship to the interconnected web of life. A ceremonial dose of Cacao is served to help facilitate a deeper connection to our own hearts.

The Summer Solstice is a time for celebration. As we honour the power of the sun, it focusses our awareness on our own power and the light and shadows within us all. How do we tend to the creative fires within and energise the seeds we have planted? What needs clearing out and in which direction do we set out inner compass as we clarify what really matters to us? What supports us as we grow and expand in the journey towards the fulfilment of our unique blueprints? And how do we prepare for a shift from the expansion of Summer to the second half of the year leading to the Winter Solstice. 

We are grateful to be able to offer the ceremony in the Roundhouse, a sacred ceremonial space surrounded by beautiful woodlands. Coming here is a special pilgrimage and this time there is also the possibility of camping in the beautiful woodlands after the ceremony and joining a day of Summer Solstice rituals with Tori – the guardian of this land – and Kai from FeatheredSerpentProductions.com. For more info email: tori@yogadamba.com 



The ceremony is grounded within the teachings of Movement Medicine. Movement Medicine is a practice which directs our awareness to our movement, thoughts and feelings, supporting us to get more in touch with who we really are. It is an active and embodied meditation practice, opening the way to deep internal reflection. Through the dance we are invited on a journey of personal empowerment, relationship with community and connection with the creative life force within and around us. Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan, founded the School of Movement Medicine, integrating their experience with a lineage of practices such as Shamanism, 5Rhythms, Gestalt Psychotherapy and Constellations.


Mira graduated from The School of Movement Medicine and intuitively weaves from the rich tapestry of her experience as a dancer, therapist and artist. She creates a safe and sacred space for you to let go into the transformative power of the dance, deepening your connection to the creative life force within and around us. Mira also completed Level 1, 2 and 3 of the school’s Advanced Training levels which includes working with Movement Medicine Ritual and Ceremony.


On arrival you will have the opportunity to be smudged – an ancient tradition of burning sacred plants/ wood and allowing the smoke to clear and bless your energetic field.


Cacao has been used as far back as 1900BC as a health elixir and ceremonial medicine by our Central American ancestors to heal the mental, physical and spiritual body. We will set our intentions and drink a ceremonial dose of the highest quality Cacao carefully sourced in Guatemala and lovingly prepared.

As we work with Cacao in an intentional way, we peel away the layers and come into deeper connection with our emotional centre and the intelligence of our own hearts. Aside from its many physical health benefits (vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, immune system boosting etc) – it is a powerful yet gentle plant medicine that supports our inner-work and facilitates a deep inner meditation. The mood enhancing neurotransmitters in Cacao has a nourishing effect on humans – opening body, mind and heart.



“It was a truly moving and profound experience.” – Rachel

“It’s a ceremony where we can safely let go… where movement, sound and feelings intimately intertwine and become a portal for the soul to dance itself anew into existence.” – Bristena

“I know that the echoes of this sacred dance will continue to move me for many days to come.” – Simon

“Mira creates a deeply-held and beautiful, energetically clear sacred space, where I can really honour and feel into my deepest self, my emotions, my body’s inner wisdom. Her choice of music is always beautifully chosen – eclectic, honouring many traditions. I can feel Mira’s love and her commitment in helping me to honour and feel whatever it is that needs witnessing; enabling me to dance this lovingly into my body, or to gently release whatever is needed from my body.” – Georgia.

Please ARRIVE EARLY from 17:40pm – time to check in and get changed into your dance clothes.

Doors close at 18:10.

Due to the nature of such an event we have to START PROMPTLY, and start and finish together.

Concessions: £40 available for those on a low income/ JSA/ pensioners/ DLA – please email info@movementmedicinewithmira.com to confirm.
The Pachamama Alliance is a global community working toward bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet. Do check them out!

The Roundhouse is 5 minutes drive from Hemel Hempstead Train Station & 25 minutes from Central London. 

The local participants are usually very happy to offer lifts between the station and the Roundhouse. 

Please email tori@yogadamba.com for address details with your booking confirmation / if you need a lift / want to find out about camping and Sunday’s Solstice event with Tori and Kai.

If you are driving there is parking available.


Avoid caffeine or other stimulants on the day and alcohol the night before. Arrive hydrated. Eating something light a few hours before the ceremony is fine and then refrain from eating so that the cacao can be easily absorbed. Cacao is a stimulant – so if you experience light-headedness, headache, nausea or detox symptoms – drink plenty of water. Certain medications such as some SSRI and MAO inhibitor Antidepressants do NOT mix well with cacao. CHECK YOUR MEDICATION! Be very mindful if you have a serious heart condition – cacao increases heart rate and lowers blood pressure. If you are pregnant / breastfeeding – it is advised to take a lower dose due to it’s stimulating effect (similar to caffeine). ***It is your responsibility to take the necessary steps to ensure your own wellbeing. You may want to start by drinking half the dose and then after half and hour drink the rest.


In ceremony we dance through without a break for food and we direct any hunger towards calling in that which you are dancing for. If you have blood sugar issues and need food during this time please have something small to hand so you do not need to leave the space to refuel. If this is the case, please be discreet and be aware of noise (such as plastic wrappers) and be sensitive to those who choose not to eat. The invitation would be to fast during this time – if this feels appropriate for you. We start the journey together and we finish the journey together, so the minimum amount of breaks is important.

***This is a drug and alcohol free event.


A notepad and pen

Art materials (optional)

Something light to eat (e.g. fruit, nuts) ONLY if you need

A reusable water bottle


We recommend that you bring special clothes for ceremony – Clothes that makes it clear to you and the spirit of life that you are honouring yourself and life. Sometimes people wear a single colour – such as all white/ green… Loose comfortable clothes for moving is always best. Please keep your body clothed throughout. We generally dance barefoot or if you need to, bring special dance shoes.

It is good to have a grounding and understanding of movement practice. During the ceremony there will be an opportunity to rest and for those of us who prefer to keep moving, that is fine too. 
Please take responsibility for your own emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing. Drink plenty of water during and after the ceremony. Adapt your dance according to any injuries and physical limitations you may have. Stay aware of others and your surroundings. Have emotional support structures available if needed. If there is anything that you feel is important for me to know prior to the ceremony, please contact me in info@movementmedicinewithmira.com.

***IN THE DAYS LEADING UP TO THE CEREMONY, CREATE YOUR PERSONAL INTENTION. Spend some time feeling into what you are dancing for.

Closer to the time of the ceremony you will receive an email from us with reminders of practical details.  If you have any further questions, please email Mira at info@movementmedicinewithmira.com

We look forward to welcome you in this special Spring Equinox ceremony.


Tickets are not available as this event has passed.

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