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Spring Equinox Full Moon Cacao Ceremony, Dance and Sound Healing

Wed 20th March @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Come Join us Wednesday the 20th for our final KIND event before we leave  London.

Spring Equinox is a day when winter end’s and Spring begins.  Time to celebrate!

The Equinox is a time for new beginnings, that’s why it is the perfect date for KIND’s last Cacao and Sound event before my sister Bess and I leave London to explore Portugal and South Africa.

Come celebrate the start of Spring with ceremonial cacao, movement and a blissful sound bath of alchemic crystal bowls, gongs and our vocal harmonies.

We want to see you, move with you and create though you, so you remember the resonance and truth of who you really are!

Raw cacao is a powerful and potent medicine that can assist the ‘inner work’ and creative guidance we all need to stay balanced. It literally opens the blood vessels in the body allowing more blood flow through the heart, it is known to trigger bliss hormones,  feelings of love, and a heightened awareness that can be a powerful support to sound baths and healing.

The Cacao will lead us into free movement, allowing our bodies to dance, move, roll around or just sit still and breathe to a beautiful soul connecting music. This will be a safe and loving space where you will not be asked to do anything you don’t want to do. So no need to be scared. In our experience movement opens up the challenges to receive the healing frequencies of Sound Baths on a deeper level.

Sound Baths are a passive experience where all you are required to do is simply lay down and allow the vibrations of sound to move through you. You will be lead on a deep sound journey using Alchemic Crystal Bowls and Gongs which create deep theta sound waves. these frequencies will move through you physically, facilitating the drop into a lucid space where your subconscious has room to explore and your body and mind experience deep rest. Rhythmic percussion and blood harmonies accompany KIND Sound Baths for a true head and immersive sound experience.

Jayna and her sister Bess grew up in a family of music, they are both trained musicians and singers, they working with sound in this meditative way with the wish to connect people back towards their inner selves. They believe that when we create space to truly listen to our highest selves, miracles begin and new energy for life is found.

The evening will start together with the drinking of the cacao within a ceremonial space to set an intention and arrive. We will then release and raise energy though movement before dropping down into our sound journey for deep relaxation and receiving.

There will be time at the end to reflect and chat in the warm environment we will create together.

Come and join us in the KIND community. Dive into the beautiful magic that sound, ceremony and intention can bring on this gracious new moon. You deserve it!



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