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Soul Medicine LIVE online Kundalini yoga retreat

Wed 8th July @ 6:00 pm - Sun 12th July @ 2:00 pm

I would love to invite you to join me for an immersive Online Live Kundalini Yoga & Healing Retreat from Ibiza.

This Soul Medicine journey will be a voyage to healing, an invitation to regulate, a chance to give yourself the gift of space to recalibrate and a soul adventure to connect deeply to your ACTUAL essence.

In these uncertain times the only real thing I know is that the practice of Kundalini Yoga works. It really does, it brings us back to a place of peace, it allows us to tap in, it allows us the space to connect and that I believe is what we all really deeply need at this very moment.

We are also all asking some very probing questions:

“am I doing what I am meant to be doing?”

”am I living the life I absolutely and truly desire?”

”am I living my true truth?”

“am I happy?”

AND of course the proverbial “WHO AM I?”

….that’s a big one in these times of this big change.

We have all the time to look inside and we have this big pause to really check in and make sure we truly are aligned with our soul purpose.

This programme is designed to allow a space for all of the above, to allow a space for your soul to settle and a space to nourish yourself as we navigate through these new times together.

Personally, as I write and plan this retreat I couldn’t be more excited about the limitless and endless possibilities of this new age, these new times and how we approach them.

I’m excited to co-create with a few of my favourite collaborators for this offering ….

My long term co-host Tess, from Love Food Ibiza, has created the food story here and we will supply you with all the recommended menus to support and enhance the experience.

Before the retreat we will send you a shopping list and full recipes so you can really delve that little bit deeper.

Tess and I have co-created real life Soul Medicine retreats for the past 4 years, so we know how important the medicine in the food is, to allow the energetic work to be further enriched.

Also we will have some of our favourite therapists available online for you.

All this happens from the comfort of your own home!

And it’s at a price that can make it inclusive to all and all levels, including beginners are welcome.




This will be a calling of your soul to join us.

This will be a commitment to remember and a long weekend of gorgeous and high vibrational healing embued with all the magic vibes of Ibiza and me and at the end you will be ready, really ready to connect and BEGIN AGAIN ….