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Slow Down Monday: Crystal Grid Yin Yoga

Mon 24th June @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Join Lisa from LaHoodyoga for Slow Down, Monday; an evening of Yin yoga, crystal grids and essential oils. Expect slow, mindful and deep Yin practices that will help you tune out of your usual distractions and give you space to just be you. It’s an opportunity to open up to a fresh perspective and connect with your intuition.

You’ll learn practices and tools that you can incorporate into your everyday life so that you can come back to these zen feelings, again and again.

Welcome to your new Monday ritual

What to expect:

A warm candle light greets you in the wonderfully peaceful space at She’s Lost Control.

With a cup of herbal Love tea in your hand, you choose your mat and get comfy on the soft cushions and blankets.

Soothing Doterra Essential oils are there for you to enhance the mood or energy that you want to experience.

Pick your oil (or oils!) and breathe deeply and then come to gaze at the crystal grid.

Each week the yoga and crystals will have a different theme, elemental, chakra, emotional or seasonal and we will work to unblock negative energy locked up in the body and mind, and allow new positive free flowing energy to encapsulate the body.

After a lengthy resting savasana (everyone’s favourite part in yoga!!), the final task for you is to pick an oracle card.. sometimes the card is all that’s needed to cement that answer you’ve been questioning.

Its an evening of self care, a moment to check-in with yourself and take time out. You know you deserve this.

This session is open to all genders


42 Valentine Road
E9 7AD
United Kingdom
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