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BOYBYE! Online

Sun 25th August @ 7:30 pm - 9:45 pm


This is a transformational gathering for anyone, no matter the relationship status to cut ties and let go of past lovers & partners.

Connection is beautiful. Sexual connection can be divine. However some interactions can leave us in a funk, throw us off centre and prevent us from moving forward. This can apply to us if were in a long term relationship, or even after just one night of connection.

When we are choosing to share our sexual energy with a partner, we create a ‘merging’, meaning that their energy can stay with us over days, weeks and even years following on from our interaction. When we don’t clear this, an energy can stay within our auric field and create confusion. It can even block us from attracting our ideal partners to us. Performing regular empowered cleansing rituals allows for full clarity in our heart, soul, mind and emotions, which allows us to move on.

You are invited to join Grace Hazel to say with your whole heart “BOY BYE”

In this potent ritual space you will:

– Gather online in sacred circle

– Be led to feel and locate past lovers and partners who are held in your energy field

– Be taken through a process which will allow you to understand why each interaction came into your life so that you can find the gifts which will set you free

– Use ritual to fully say goodbye with gratitude

– Celebrate and be guided to set clear and powerful intentions around the kind of relationship you DO want in your life

Is this event for you? This is for event is for anyone who wants to let that person GO, and, in doing that wishes to call in the openness to receive respectful and loving connection.

Through being a part of this ritual, you will also receive a guided audio meditation which you can use for life. The guide adopts the principles used in the BOY BYE ceremony. This will allow you to activate a potent space for clearing whenever you feel the call.

Note: the ritual will be held via Zoom. Grace will send the link to access the live ritual on 25th August via email.


Together on Sunday 25th August at 7.30pm (UK) we will gather together online to form a potent circle.

The price only £27.

There a limited spaces available, please book as soon as possible if you feel called to join.


Tickets are not available as this event has passed.